32-hours nonstop flight

In July 2022, CREATeV was able to complete a 32-hours nonstop flight, covering over 1,000 km in that time frame. After two sleepless nights, the team is recovering and getting ready for more exciting flights.

CREATeV flies for over 10 hours using solar power

9:11 am Thursday November 12, 2020

On Thursday, November 12, 2020, our solar-powered airplane flew nonstop for over 10 hours. After taking off at 9:11 am, the aircraft circled over the field of the York Soaring Association until after 7:20 pm. The landing went well despite being two hours after sunset. This flight was a major milestone in our quest to break the world flight endurance record. For more information check out our project website and instagram account.

CREATeV over YSA field.
7:21 pm Thursday November 12, 2020

CREATeV is taking shape

CREATeV has finally arrived at the Downsview Research Center of the Aerospace Engineering Department of Ryerson University for final completion and checkouts. At this point we want again thank Record Technology and Development for their generous support and space over the last few months.

The first hardware pieces are being tested (click here for a video of structural tests) and the wing molds are almost completed. Thanks Record Technology and Development in Richmond Hill, ON with providing machining support.

The upper surface of a test wing is assemble.
The wing molds are being completed at RTD.
Clear here for full video of structural tests of fuselage-wing attachment.
Solar-cell testing, not always easy in winter.