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32-hours nonstop flight

In July 2022, CREATeV was able to complete a 32-hours nonstop flight, covering over 1,000 km in that time frame. After two sleepless nights, the team is recovering and getting ready for more exciting flights.

CREATeV is taking shape

The first hardware pieces are being tested (click here for a video of structural tests) and the wing molds are almost completed. Thanks Record Technology and Development in Richmond Hill, ON with providing machining support.

Alton Yeung presents his MASC research

Alton presented his research on measuring atmospheric gusts at low altitudes. The research was a summary of his MASc research and he is, with the exception of minor revisions to his thesis, done with his degree – congratulations!  

ROPE 2017

This summer we had again two high school students working in our lab as part of the Research Opportunity Program in Engineering (ROPE). Emily and Susan experimented with solar cells and developed methodologies of how to integrate these cells in…