Past Students


Julia Tsaltas, MASc, September 2018, research: Flight performance prediction or multirotor aerial vehicles like quadcopters. Julia is now working with L3 Wescam.

Michael Melville, MASc, January 2018, Research: Flexible Wings in Gusts. Michael is continuing with a PhD with RAALF.

Devin Barcelos, MASc, January 2018,Research: Multirotor Aerodynamics. Devin is continuing with a PhD with RAALF.

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Alton Yeung, MASc, September 2017: Wind Gust Measuring at Low Altitude using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Alton works now for CAE in Montreal.

Tim Carroll, MASc, January 2017: A Design Methodology for Rotors of Small Multirotor Vehicles

Tim has been accepted to flight training with the Royal Canadian Air Force

Issi George, MASc, December 2016: A Multirotor Vehicle Performance Prediction Method

Issi works as an engineer at CAE in Montreal on the Global 7000/8000 Program.


William Bissonnette, MASc, September 2016: An Analysis Tool For The Conceptual Design Of High-Lift Systems

Bill works a research scientist at RAALF.


Graduate Student Supervision

(currently: 6 Masters, 3 PhD)

  1. Alton Yeung, MEng supervisor. Thesis Title “Development of a Flight-Test SUA”, September 2015 – June 2017, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario.
  2. William Bissonnette, MASc supervisor. Thesis Title: “A Conceptual Design Tool of High-Lift Systems”, September 2014 – June 2016, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario.
  3. Issi George, MASc supervisor. Thesis Title: “Flight-Performance Prediction of Mulitrotor Vehicles” September 2014 – June 2016, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario.
  4. Tim Carroll, MASc supervisor. Thesis Title: “Rapid Propeller and Rotor Design and Fabrication Stream” September 2014 – June 2016, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario.
  5. Tenzin Choephel, Ph.D. co-supervisor. Thesis Title: “A Higher-Order Free-Wake Method for the Analysis of Helicopter Rotor in Forward Flight“, April 2014 – 2016, Penn State University, Pennsylvania.
  6. Matthew Derginer, Ph.D. co-supervisor. Thesis Title: “Nonlinear Flight Controls”, September 2010 – 2016, Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri.
  7. Julia Cole, Ph.D. co- supervisor. Thesis Title: “A Design Methodology for Hybrid Tiltwing-Tiltrotor Wings”, March 2012 – 2016, Penn State University, Pennsylvania.
  8. Thomas Combers, M.S. co-supervisor. Thesis Title: “An Efficient Fluid-Structure Interaction Method for Conceptual Design of Flexible Micro Air Vehicle Wings“.
  9. Matthew Derginer, M.S. supervisor. Thesis Title: “Improved handling qualities of tiltrotor aircraft through directional trim management”, January 2010 – graduated August 2010, Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri.

Undergraduate Student Supervision

  1. Dylan Krcmarov, supervisor, undergraduate RA, wind-tunnel testing, 2015
  2. Yichuan (Charlie) Wang, supervisor, undergraduate RA, wind-tunnel testing, 2015
  3. Edwing Wong, supervisor, undergraduate RA, small flight-test UAV, 2015, now Meng University of Toronto
  4. Thomas Mieloch, supervisor fourth-year undergraduate thesis, wake rake, 2013-2015
  5. Ukeme Noah, supervisor fourth-year undergraduate thesis, wake rake 2013-2015, now with Amazon
  6. Alexander Velliaris, supervisor undergraduate research assistant, performance code 2013-2015, now Meng Ryerson University
  7. Rohit Ravichandran, supervisor undergraduate research assistant, wind tunnel 2014-2015
  8. Ellen Pifer, supervisor undergraduate research assistant, wake-rake development, 2011-2013, now Boeing Commercial
  9. Frank Kody, supervisor undergraduate research assistant, flight-performance prediction, 2009-2012, now Penn State
  10. Lyndel Carlson, supervisor undergraduate research assistant, high-lift modeling, 2011-2013, now PhD Saint Louis University
  11. Dan Ironside, supervisor undergraduate research assistant, atmosphere energy harvesting, 2008-2010, later PhD UT Texas