About Me


I am interested in applied aerodynamics and aircraft design with a primary focus on small unmanned aerial vehicles. My research goal is to improve the understanding of the aerodynamics and flight dynamics of small and micro aerial vehicles in order to advance their effectiveness. These robotic aircraft of only a few kilograms have many promising future applications, for example for meteorological research or disaster response. I am particularly interested in optimizing such flight vehicles for particular missions/applications considering aerodynamics, flight dynamics, and structures. For that purpose I have been developing theoretical tools that are used in optimization algorithms, currently for the design of small and micro aerial vehicles. These projects include fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.

Prior to joining Ryerson, I was an Assistant Professor at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri. Before that, I completed my graduate work at the Pennsylvania State University. My hobbies include flying sailplanes and exploring the outdoors.

Applications from motivated graduate and undergraduate students are always welcome. Please see the Contact page for my contact information.